2020 Remote Forest Therapy Guide Training

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Alpine Ibex

Jouvence Lodge in Winter

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A remarkable journey into the heart of the forest; an encounter with the heart of humanity
This course is ideal for anyone who wants to become a Certified Forest Therapy Guide.

About the Venue:

In this training, you will learn:

  • The Standard Sequence of Guided Forest Therapy Walks
  • Professional standards and competencies: what a Forest Therapy Guide should know and be able to do
  • The pedagogy and fundamentals of nature connection
  • Nature and forest therapy research and effects on health care and well-being
  • Our framework for the Way of the Guide, wisdom on the inner aspects of the art gained through decades of experience
  • The leadership skills and style of the Guide archetype
  • Creating space for others to find their own authentic nature connection
  • Accelerating connection to deep mindfulness and bodyfulness through simple sensory invitations
  • What makes a good setting for forest therapy
  • How to facilitate restorative human connection through storytelling and witnessing
  • Our theoretical framework of deep nature connection through embodiment, liminality, reciprocity and relationship
  • Sequencing forest therapy invitations for maximum impact and benefit
  • Expressive arts activities for forest therapy
  • Somatic techniques for embodied awareness
  • Our aim is simple: to train competent guides. However, many participants report that this training profoundly affects many aspects of their lives.

When you begin your journey, you will take a core training course that lasts six months. Your cohort of up to 30 trainees will be people who live in the same or a nearby time zone.This geographic and time zone way of gathering as a group makes it convenient to connect with your trainers and each other via remote technologies like Zoom.

Once your cohort has had its online first meeting with your training team, you will return every two weeks for a live webinar. These meetings are lively learning experiences led by our expert trainers. There are 16 of these meetings in the course. They are recorded and made available privately for your cohort only.

The course consists of 15 modules. Additionally, to thecalls, each trainee will get individual access to a user friendly learningplatform, where the content is presented in various forms to satisfy thedifferent learning styles. Students will work through the content with the helpof videos, texts, audios, a manual and a variety of activities and assignmentsto get a more hands on experience of the content.

If you wish, you will also be added to the Forest Therapy Facebook Group, a private group for ANFT trained guides from throughout the world. This group is a remarkable and very active resource for exchanging information and supporting ongoing learning. ANFT certified guides can now be found in 55 countries. These local guides are a resource for trainees to experience being guided. You can harvest a lot of practical wisdom from them. They love to help new trainees!

You will also have access to a growing library of ANFT training materials such as videos. To further support your learning, you will be invited to join a “pod” of three to five others in your cohort. Many pods develop interesting and fun ways to deepen their learning process. Often lifetime friendships grow.To the extent possible, we will try to organize pods based on your proximity to each other; this will maximize your ability to meet in person and explore forest trails and forest therapy methods together.

When you complete the core six-month training you will be an ANFT-Certified Forest Therapy Guide. This certification is valid for two years, or until you complete a four-day intensive. This must be completed sometime within two years after you complete the six month core training course. This will move your certification from provisional to permanent status. Intensives are organized by local trainers. Dates and locations will be set as the time for the intensive draws near. We’ll be looking at the weather and other factors when we choose dates. It is quite likely that you will meet trainees from other cohorts at your immersion. This will help to give you a sense of the community of guides that has grown and is active throughout the world.

Matrícula / Tuition

The tuition for the six month core guide training program is $2845 USD. If you wish you can split this into six monthly payments of $475 USD. Our policy is that the full amount must be paid before you are certified.

The tuition for the four-day intensive is $389. Wait to pay until you are ready to complete the intensive. You will have two years from the completion of your core guide training to do the intensive.

Other costs include payment for Wilderness First Aid training, which is required for Certification, and is provided by third parties. Prices range from $100 to $300. Lodging or camping fees and food for the four-day intensive are the responsibility of the trainee.

Tuition figures are current as of most recent update on May 26 2020 and are subject to change.

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Formadores / Trainers


Nadine Mazzola es guía, entrenadora, mentora de ANFT y fundadora de New England Nature and Forest Therapy Consulting con sede en Acton, MA. También escribió el libro "Forest Bathing with Your Dog", que ganó una medalla de bronce en la categoría "Mejor primer libro - No ficción" de los Premios de Libros de Editores Independientes de 2020. El libro combina la práctica de la terapia forestal con nuestra práctica de pasear a nuestros perros y eleva la profundidad de ambos. Nadine ha estado guiando caminatas de terapia de bosque desde 2015. Ha aparecido en PBS Windows to the Wild, ABC’sChronicle y en Boston Globe y Boston Magazine. Nadine tiene experiencia en negocios y marketing y anteriormente fue una jugadora de billar de bolsillo profesional mundial que compitió en el Women's Professional Billiard Tour. Además, como artista, facilita clases de artes expresivas que a menudo incorporan elementos de la terapia forestal en todas partes.

Marcela es mentora, entrenadora y guía certificada de Terapia de Bosque por la Asociación de Terapia de Bosque y Naturaleza (ANFT). Tiene estudios en Antropología, Manejo de Recursos Naturales y es guía de turismo con licencia del Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT). También es instructora certificada de Hatha-Iyengar Yoga. Por más de veinte años ha trabajado como guía de naturalismo y observación de aves en el bosque nuboso de Monteverde, Costa Rica, donde vive con su familia. Marcela trabaja como supervisora de pasantías en el Programa de Sostenibilidad y Medio Ambiente del CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) y ha colaborado con el Programa de Educación Ambiental del Centro Científico Tropical (CCT) y Corclima.

Nacida y criada en San José, desde muy joven adoptó un estilo de vida que le permitiera la libertad de estar en contacto directo con la naturaleza. Fue en los bosques de Monteverde y en la comunidad Cuáquera de la zona que encontró un balance perfecto de riqueza natural y un estilo de vida simple. La mayor parte del tiempo la encontrarás trabajando en el bosque, en la Galería de Arte de la familia, cultivando hierbas en la huerta, o practicando y enseñando Qi Gong y Yoga. Su pasión es compartir con las personas la sabiduría de los bosques que conoce y ama, ayudándoles a conectar con su esencia de una manera gentil y auténtica.